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Sustainability’s senior auditors are certified with Exemplar Global, are tertiary qualified and are experienced in the field. Our experts have technical expertise in health, safety, environment, quality and risk. Our experience is backed by thousands of compliance audits conducted across a broad range of industry sectors, in Australia.  

Cyanide Certifications & Re-certifications

Sustainability is the leading consultancy for auditing cyanide producers, transporters and gold mine operators against the Code.

Sustainability’s technical specialists and lead auditors are registered with the International Cyanide Management Institute (ICMI) to assist gold mining, transportation and manufacturing in achieving and verifying compliance with the International Cyanide Management Code (ICMC). The ICMC is an initiative for gold and silver mining and transporters of cyanide to improve cyanide management, assist in the protection of human health and reduce environmental impacts.

With a 15-year history spanning Australia, India, Indonesia, Mongolia, Thailand, Papa New Guinea and Laos, Sustainability has developed an efficient audit process which is delivered by our leading practitioners. These experts hold technical specialisations in Metallurgy, Environmental Science, Health and Safety. Sustainability’s auditors have completed Code certification and re-certification audits globally with technical specialty in metallurgy, cyanide chemistry, hazardous materials transport, chemical manufacturing, and sodium cyanide production. Our team of ICMI registered professionals have extensive knowledge of the Code’s application for a diverse range of operations and offer practical guidance to clients on the implementation of the Code. Sustainability’s consultants have extensive experience in both auditing against the Code requirements and consulting to companies that wish to achieve or maintain compliance to the Code.

Our primary focus is to provide our clients with concise and clear advice, audit findings, actions and verification to meet the requirements for certification against the code. These audit findings look to identify any non-conformances which may prevent the site achieving full compliance.

Contractor Prequalification Audits

Each year Sustainability supports over 2,000 contractors through the standardised Avetta pre-qualification process by providing third party reviews of contractor safety manuals, systems and processes, identifying systemic gaps and providing feedback throughout the manual audit process.

A large majority of Avetta’s Australian and Asia Pacific clients are in the public and private rail sector where safety is the number one priority. However, the client base also spans the construction, operations, facilities management, processing and offshore marine sectors.

Operating from our Perth head office, Sustainability extends its support to contractors and clients within New Zealand, India, Japan, Thailand, Vietnam and South Korea.

Sustainability has supported Contractor pre-qualification audits through partner Avetta since 2014. The partnership was formed to ensure local and current industry health and safety professionals where performing contractor audits within the Asia Pacific region in order to ensure accurate assessments to client requirements and local legislation.

Sustainability has supported Avetta to develop and integrate their supply chain risk management systems to meet local jurisdiction compliance requirements and navigate alignment of local client expectations with Avetta functionality. This has provided a successful implementation of their services in Asia Pacific.

Environmental, HSE & Quality ISO Certification Auditing

Our auditors understand that auditing can be confronting, yet try to make it a constructive aspect of good business operations. Our impartial HSEQ audits are designed to identifies major risks and gaps that may impact operations and are followed up with practical and implementable recommendations. It’s not about what’s going wrong, but about constructive and preventive risk mitigation. 

Sustainability has performed third party audits to AS4801, ISO 14001 and ISO9001 on behalf of a number of certification bodies including SAI Global Equal Assurance and BVQI. These certifications are accredited by JASANZ. Throughout the certification process, Sustainability focuses on identifying real opportunities for improvement to ensure the certification strengthens business operations and processes.

Sustainability routinely provides expert advice and auditing services in relations to Quality, Environment, and Occupational Health and Safety across Australia and globally in order to ensure compliance with Australian and international standards.

Environmental Ministerial Statement, Licences and Permits Auditing

Sustainability has a wealth of senior auditors who are certified with Exemplar Global, are tertiary qualified and experienced Environmental professionals with thousands of compliance audits conducted against Ministerial Statements, EP Act licences and Clearing Permits across a broad range of industry sectors, in Australia.

Auditing Internal Company Systems & Procedures

As well as developing internal management systems, Sustainability provide third party audits of existing systems and procedures. Our constructive, practical and knowledgeable approach ensures our clients have everything covered.

Auditing against Performance Standards and Codes of Practice

To ensure company objectives, legislation requirements and goals are met against external performance standards and codes of practice ongoing auditing is essential. This ensures risks are identified before they become operational issues.

Due-Diligence Auditing

We offer clients internal systems audits against both national and international performance standards and company internal assurance standards to improve business operations. 

Examples of our due-diligence auditing capability includes:

  • Internal Environmental Impact Assessment due-diligence,
  • M&A due diligence, and
  • Supply chain due-diligence.