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ESG consulting helps companies determine what actions may impact them negatively as it pertains to environmental, social, and governance issues and implementing mitigating and preventive strategies.

To achieve this, Sustainability supports clients from diverse sectors with ESG program development, from facilitating materiality (risk) assessments, and program planning to program development and implementation, evaluation, reporting and training.

Sustainability’s unique approach to ESG involves deep knowledge of compliance, best practices and management systems, backed by global experience across the resources, construction, manufacturing and financing industries.

Our ESG service offering includes:

  • Consulting and training,
  • Risk assessments,
  • Monitoring and assessment audits,
  • Management systems development, and
  • Reporting.

Sustainability’s experts bring experience from various fronts regarding environmental, social, governance and safety components of large-scale development projects across the world for lenders funding and loan agreements to ESG for supply chain for Lithium miners supplying Mercedes Benz, BMW and CATL.