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We partner with institutions and organisations around the world to build a more sustainable future.

Foorwood Safety Channel Partner

Sustainability and Forwood Safety have joined forces to help deploy CRM across the Asia Pacific Region. As a regional channel partner Sustainability provides local CRM certified resources to cost effectively assist organisations in the successful implementation of CRM.

Forwood Safety ensures that all channel partners are trained to the highest level of certification in the Forwood CRM Academy by industry experienced and recognised subject matter experts.

Wildlife Conservation Society

In partnership with WCS, Sustainability East-Asia supports projects which are key to the economic development of the country, while protecting the unique environment. One example of this is our  10-year partnership with the Wildlife Conservation Society on Oyu Tolgoi’s biodiversity management and monitoring program.

South Gobi Water and Mining Industry Roundtable

Sustainability partnered with the IFC to develop and implement a regional water management training program from 2014 through to 2018. The aim of the program was to disseminate basic technical knowledge about groundwater and water management among the training participants representing community, mining and government stakeholder groups during the first years of the program.

From this work, the South Gobi Water and Mining Industry Roundtable was formed in 2017 which established the Voluntary Code of Practice on Water Management for project stakeholders.

The aim here was to move beyond awareness training and achieve concrete behavioural changes among water management stakeholders in the southern Gobi of Mongolia by integrating critical social aspects of water management with technical knowledge. Under this program, Sustainability developed various water management training modules and delivered the training over 1,600 participants.

Today, Sustainability actively participate in the Water and Mining Industry Roundtable and work with all stakeholders to uphold the Voluntary Code of Practice on Water Management.


Sustainability has supported contractor pre-qualification audits through partner Avetta since 2014. The partnership was formed to ensure local and current industry health and safety professionals where performing contractor audits within the Asia Pacific region in order to ensure accurate assessments to client requirements and local legislation.

Sustainability has supported Avetta to develop and integrate their supply chain risk management systems to meet local jurisdiction compliance requirements and navigate alignment of local client expectations with Avetta functionality. This has provided a successful implementation of their services in the Asia Pacific region.