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Sustainability and HSE Vision partnered together to carry out an Environmental Social and Governance (ESG) review and verification for the US Apparel and Textiles manufacturing facilities in Lahore, Pakistan. The focus of the audit was to assess the sustainability report generated by US Apparel and provide a letter of assurance.

The review covered ESG initiatives for US Apparel and utilised Global Reporting Initiatives (GRI) code, United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and UN Global Compact as the key criteria.

The assessment found that US Apparels approach was aligned with the United Nations SDGs and UN Global Compact.

Abdul Jabbar Athar, Director Projects & Sustainability, US Apparel & Textiles said

The USAT Sustainability Report 2020 review carried out by Sustainability Pty Ltd was very professional and thorough. Deep immersion into data and critical evaluation of contents by its experts surfaced up insightful and developmental actions to be addressed during next report.

US Apparel is committed to leading-edge sustainable production practices in the manufacturing of textiles for the fashion industry. This commitment flows through to the end consumer who can choose to support brands that care about the sustainable manufacture and supply of clothing.