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Sustainability East Asia LLC (Sustainability) has been awarded a contract by Erdene Mongol LLC (Erdene), a wholly owned subsidiary of Erdene Resource Development Corporation to conduct the Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA) for the Khundii Gold Project (KGP), comprised of the Bayan Khundii and Altan Nar gold deposits in Mongolia.

As the lead Technical Consultant, Sustainability will carry out the ESIA to identify the risks and impacts as a result of Erdene’s proposed mining activities at KGP and oversee the delivery of the Mongolian statutory Detailed Environmental Impact Assessment (DEIA), which will be conducted by Eco Trade LLC, a leading local firm. Additional technical support in the areas of hydrology and waste management will be provided by Ramboll LLC. Together, the ESIA will achieve compliance with Mongolian and applicable international standards.

The ESIA will be delivered over a six-month period and will be conducted by a core team of 25 local and global technical experts. The team includes environmental, health and safety, and social specialists with proven experience in the delivery of ESIA consulting services on similar projects in Mongolia and across the world.

Our history in delivering ESIA services and similar projects in Mongolia spans 20 years. Over this time, Sustainability has gained expert knowledge of the local industry, environment and community requirements while working with project financing institutions, resource development companies and government stakeholders.

“We are looking forward to working with Erdene on this project which is vital to Mongolia’s emerging mining industry and future socio-economic growth,” said David Hunt, CEO of Sustainability. “This contract demonstrates our extensive capability and experience in delivering technical environmental and social consulting services for critical natural resource projects across the globe.”

About the project:

Erdene’s deposits are located in the Edren Terrane, within the Central Asian Orogenic Belt, which hosts some of the world’s largest gold and copper-gold deposits. Over the past decade, Erdene has been a leading explorer in Southwestern Mongolia which resulted in the discovery of the Khundii Gold District. The Khundii Gold District is comprised of multiple high-grade gold and base metal prospects, two of which are moving towards development: Bayan Khundii and Altan Nar.