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Sustainability recently selected Josh Hall for an internship following his graduation from the University of Western Australia (UWA) graduation where he received a Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Marine and Environment.

The four-month internship provided Josh with an opportunity to gain professional experience after graduating at our Perth office as part of Sustainability’s Graduate Intake Program.

Following the successful completion of the internship, Sustainability were delighted to welcome Josh to the team as Graduate Environment Advisor in a full-time capacity.

David Hunt, Sustainability’s CEO said: “Sustainability are a proud advocate of providing opportunities to young people hoping to gain an insight into the professional working environment and advance their careers.

“Via the Sustainability Graduate Intake Program, we were delighted to provide a new opportunity for Josh, who has already made a positive impact within the Environment team at Sustainability.

We interviewed Josh about his experience at Sustainability.

Josh, you recently completed studying Bsc at UWA, tell us what drew you to studying environmental science?

Growing up on a farm I was lucky enough to spend a lot of time outside and I was able to see how a changing environment and unsustainable practices could affect daily life. I became very interested in this and when I got to high school chose to study Biology and earth and environmental science. After learning how important the environment is to our daily lives and how at risk it was, it was an easy choice to start studying it at university. Being able to work in a field that I am interested in and is so important to daily life seemed too good to be true.

Being selected as an intern and then being offered a full-time position is a great achievement, what was this experience like for you?

Being an intern was a great experience. Coming out of university I did not have a great deal of work experience as a fair amount of my classes were textbook orientated. I was assigned to projects straight away, helping the other staff and project managers. This was a great feeling and I was able to get hands on experience and get an understanding for the type of work my career had to offer. My co-workers were always extremely helpful as I had a-lot of questions to ask, and with their help I was able to learn about the company, our projects and what it takes to be an environmental advisor. Being offered a full-time position was an amazing feeling, lots of hard work had finally paid off and the internship had a huge role to play in that.

In your role so far, what aspects have you found most interesting or challenging?

I think the most interesting parts of the job would have to be the fact that sustainability has work for so many different companies all over the world, and also all the different types of work we do for these companies. In my short time here, I have already been able to work on projects that are based in Australia and overseas. I have been lucky enough to work on projects that are based in Mongolia and Romania. All of the jobs I have worked on are extremely different to each other and have been building up my experience in different areas.

We can’t wait to see you achieve great things, what do you hope to accomplish over the next few years in your career?

Over the next few years I want to gain a lot of experience in environmental advising and work on a range of different projects to do so. I want to be able to make a difference with the work that I do and build strong relationships with my co-workers and clients.

Anything else / comments?

I’d just like to thank everyone at Sustainability for giving me this opportunity.

-interview ends-

Sustainability would like to thank Josh for his positive outlook, hard work and diligent approach throughout the duration of his internship and we look forward to seeing his professional career and experience grow within the company.