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Earlier this year, Sustainability consultants Catherine Grant and Nyamdorj Barnuud met with Mr John Langtry, Australia’s Ambassador to Mongolia.

There is a strong and growing relationship between Australia and Mongolia. Australia established diplomatic relations with Mongolia in 1972, with bilateral engagement continuing to grow following major economic reforms in the 1990s. The mining sector in Mongolia now accounts for almost 20% of GDP, and the Australian Government has estimated that it will provide $10 million in total official development assistance (ODA) in 2016-17 (Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, 2016).

Mongolia’s economy is largely driven by its significant resource base and, as a developing democracy, Mongolia is well placed to continue making an active contribution to prosperity in the region.

At the meeting, Catherine and Nyamdorj were able to introduce Mr Langtry to the range of consulting and training services offered by Sustainability, including our Exemplar Global Lead Auditor training program as well as our Certificate IV in workplace health and safety. They also spoke of the projects that we are currently undertaking in Mongolia.

Our relationship with Mr Langtry strengthens Sustainability’s already strong ties with Mongolia and establishes a promising base for future collaborations.