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In support of the Ministry of Health in Mongolia, Sustainability East Asia has donated some much-needed furniture to a newly built hospital in Ulaanbaatar. The new hospital has been designated to provide care for COVID-19 cases. Sustainability is happy to support both the hospital and the Ministry of Health in their efforts to protect citizens from the spread of COVID-19, and humbled to receive a Certificate of Appreciation for our donation.

The certificate reads:

The Ministry of Health, Mongolia

Certificate of Appreciation

To Sustainability East Asia LLC

On behalf of the Government of Mongolia and the Health sector, I would like to express my deep gratitude for your sincere donation of Office furniture (meeting table-1, table-6, shelf-1) showing support towards all measurements that we are taking in order to protect our citizens and prevent them from COVID19, which is spreading around the world.

May good deeds flourish.

D.Sarangerel, Member of Parliament, Member of the Government, Minister of Health

Sustainability’s Baigali Dorjgotov on the left accepting the certificate of appreciation from the Ministry of Health.