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Sustainability’s client was a major supplier of mining equipment to resources sectors throughout Australia, including products for surface mining, underground mining (coal and metals), bulk materials transportation, bulk materials handling and exploration.

As part of the construction and commissioning of new plant, development of systematic Safe Work Procedures (SWPs) was required to complete the specific operating and maintenance tasks for plant and equipment supplied.

Sustainability completed projects for the development of maintenance documentation, specifically task list based pictorial work instructions for maintenance processes associated with stackers, reclaimers, trainload out and ship loaders for a major Iron Ore producer.

The project coordination provided Quality Assurance (QA), Project Tracking (including tracking of individual project production rates) and Project Reporting so our client could see document production for hours completed.

Sustainability’s risk based approach to procedure development has the following advantages:

  • Improves effective and safe execution of work.
  • Ensure repetitiveness and measurability of the work.
  • Supports training of technicians and certification on task competency.
  • Supports Job Observation and Work Quality Control.
  • Supports statutory requirements.
  • Supports continuous improvement.

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