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Duration: 7 months

The SIA and Disclosure Package were completed to meet European Bank for Reconstruction and Development environmental and social sustainability standards.

As public documents, the ESIA disclosure package and the NTS were key sources of information that communicated to a broad audience the environmental and social impacts and management strategies for the Project and clearly stated how negative impacts were avoided or appropriately mitigated or minimised, and positive impacts enhanced.

Throughout the conduct of both Projects, Sustainability provided strategic advice to Centerra including correspondence with the EBRD regarding Project conditions and issues.

The SIA tasks included:

  • Scoping and development of scoping report;
  • Preparation of the Data Collection Plan and preparation of local consultants for the field component of the assessment;
  • Social Baseline Reporting;
  • Social Impact Assessment; and
  • Creation of Social Management Plans;
  • Client liaison.

ESIA Disclosure Package tasks included:

  • Gap analysis of previous environmental and social studies;
  • Development of Disclosure Package documents, including management plans, NTS, and environmental and social action plan.