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Gold Road Resources is pioneering development of Australia’s newest goldfield and is working to set a new benchmark in the development of a resources project.  In leading the development of a new goldfield, Gold Road intend to create a business model and systems that are fit for purpose and specific for their project, and have placed this expectation on the development of systems for management of their health, safety and environmental programs.

Whilst Gold Road’s management team had mapped the systems for the project, they required the support of an organisation with broad spectrum experience in global awareness of health, safety and environmental programs, plus a management systems thought process, to ensure the programs developed were tied into the company’s systems.

Chris Coutinho led the project for Sustainability and ensured delivery on time, on budget and exceeding client expectation. “We were able to offer Gold Road several options for the development program dependent upon their direction, inclusion and subject matter expertise. This flexibility was critical in ensuring the standards were a demonstration of management commitment through involvement of senior management as the standards’ champions” he said.

Sustainability’s team of dedicated and highly-qualified consultants have a proven track record in developing integrated and sustainable business solutions in different geographical locations in Australia and around the world, including Canada, Indonesia, China, Mongolia and Kazakhstan. Through this diverse exposure and broad industry awareness we were able to support Gold Road to conceptualise and develop health, safety and environmental standards for guiding the development and implementation of the business model.