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Sustainability have been supporting the Marine and Environmental Monitoring and Reporting requirements associated with Toll Global Logistics operations at the Dampier Supply Base (DSB) since 2015.

This month, our DSB site visit marked the mid-way point of the 2018-2019 monitoring campaign carried out by our Marine and Biodiversity expert, Kim Cunningham (pictured).

Kim has provided ongoing environmental support to the facility since 2015, delivering a broad range of consulting and monitoring services to support compliance with the facility’s operating licenses and approvals, including Ministerial Statement 535, Upgrade of the Marine Services Facility, King Bay, Dampier and Department of Water and Environment Regulation Licence L4996/1993/9 Boat Building and Maintenance Facility.

Throughout the past three monitoring campaigns, Sustainability has implemented a range of improvements to the programmes; most notably, redefining the biosentinel oyster monitoring program which has resulted in a markedly greater return of samples and improved confidence in results.

The current Marine and Environmental scope is expected to be completed by August 2019.