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Sustainability completed the Mining Sector Strategic Environment and Social Assessment (SESA) in 2013-2014 in cooperation with the World Bank and the Mongolian Ministry of Mining. The aim of the SESA was to assist Government of Mongolia in contributing to a shared understanding of the mining sector’s role in the sustainable and inclusive development of Mongolia; inform the on-going reform and strengthening of the mining sector regulatory framework; and, support the government’s efforts of enhancing the contribution of the mining sector to the Mongolian society and economy.

The SESA diagnosed the key environmental and social problems and opportunities associated with the rapid growth of Mongolia’s mining sector. It identified the policy, legal, regulatory, and institutional adjustments and capacity-building actions needed to minimise the adverse environmental and social impacts of mining operations and associated infrastructure development, while enhancing the positive impacts. Lastly, the SESA proposed specific measures that Government could implement to improve the environmental and social sustainability of mining in Mongolia.

Key to the SESA was its participatory nature, involving countrywide consultation with mining sector stakeholders, including herders, mining companies, government representatives, NGOs, women, youth and academia, among others. Stakeholder input determined the direction of the SESA and therefore the final recommendations based on stakeholder’s priorities and concerns for the environmentally sustainable and socially equitable development of Mongolia’s mining sector.