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Sustainability was contracted to provide ongoing site-based occupational health and safety support for a client. Tasks associated with this contract included:

  • Conducting a Training Needs Analysis of mandatory OSH requirements;
  • Undertaking real time monitoring of Permit to Work System and proposed changes to existing documentation and process flows to improve efficiency of existing process;
  • Reviewing and proposing improvements to permit to work processes including working at heights, hot work, isolation and tagging, confined space entry;
  • Reviewing global corporate compliance requirements for risk assessment, identifying gaps and proposing gap solutions;
  • Developing and implementing a training package to support new risk assessment processes;
  • Reviewing drug and alcohol testing against industry standards and completing change management of process with supporting material for stakeholders;
  • Developing all supporting documentation and process flows to transition site to smoke free work location;
  • Reviewing Security Management Plan to ensure consistency with associated processes and developing an implementation strategy;
  • Developing and implementing a Contractor management training package;
  • Reviewing and proposing security and hazardous area zones and implementation strategy;
  • Reviewing and modifying a traffic management plan; and
  • Leading and participating in ICAM investigations.