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In 2016 Sustainability was contracted by Qantas to develop a contractor workplace health and safety management framework. Sustainability’s Principal Advisor, Aly Vinciguerra, delivered the project which included the following key tasks:

  • Benchmarking existing Qantas contractor WHS management processes and systems against leading practices in comparable organisations and industries;
  • Documenting a Contractor WHS Management Framework for all wholly Qantas owned subsidiaries based on leading practice and which can be applied consistently across the Group including contractors;
  • Ensuring that the framework is sufficiently flexible to cater for varying levels of risk posed by suppliers;
  • Designing a program of work to implement the Framework (streams of work, required resources, supporting IT systems, and approach and timeframes for delivery);
  • Assessing the compatibility of the current pre-qualification system with the proposed Framework and provide recommendations of any required changes to ensure alignment