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Duration: 2013 – 2020

Sustainability was engaged by D’Appolonia S.P.A. to undertake the environment specialist role within the Independent Environmental and Social Consultant (IESC) team contracted to conduct a review on behalf of the Ichthys Project lenders. The IESC Environment Specialist role required review of project environment reports, monitoring data, site visits and interviews with key personnel to report to Lenders on the status of compliance to Project environmental commitments contained in environmental impact assessments, permits and approvals, management plans and procedures. The IESC also reported on conformance to the IFC Environmental and Social Performance Standards (2012). The Environment Specialist component of the IESC included detailed environment review during the onshore and offshore construction phase including offshore development drilling; offshore pipe laying; onshore pipe laying; onshore LNG construction; Onshore worker accommodation camp constructions; harbour dredging and fabrication of the production facilities.

Activities performed:

  • Undertake detailed review of environmental approvals, commitments, management plans, monitoring records and audit reports to identify key issues that indicate status of Project environmental performance against Lender standards.
  • Undertake 6 monthly site visits during construction with interviews of key Project personnel and project stakeholders.
  • Provide 6 monthly reports of compliance status to the IESC team for submission to Lender representatives.

Provide independent advice to the Lender Group as necessary to address concerns and queries on Project environment performance.