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Sustainability, in association with the Barbaro Group, was contracted by African Minerals at their Tonkolili Iron Ore Mine in Sierra Leone, West Africa, to supervise the belt replacement of their 2.5 km conveyor.  Two Sustainability personnel were deployed to Sierra Leone to supervise the Dayshift and Nightshift during the Project.

The project was to ensure the contractor completed the Project safely, on time, with high technical competence.  A total of 9 x 300m rolls of belt were required to be spliced together and Sustainability facilitated the risk assessments and the development of safe work methods, and provided supervision and coaching support during the work.

The Belt was spliced during the Nightshift ready for the Dayshift to pull each new 300m section of belt onto the CV System. The method used was a D9 Dozer pulling off the old belt and the Conveyor Drive Motors pulling on the New Belt creating a crossover or transfer point where both old and new belts exited and entered the CV system.

With Sustainability support;

  • The Project was completed 3 days ahead of schedule.
  • All Splices were completed within the specific parameters required by the belt manufacturer.
  • The Contractor’s personnel exceeded expectations.

There were no fatalities or injuries.