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Sustainability Pty Ltd (Sustainability) recently completed an independent Compliance Assessment Audit of Pardoo Beef Corporation Pty Ltd.’s (Pardoo Beef) Irrigated Agriculture Project – Stage 3 against Ministerial Statement 1079 (MS1079).

A revolutionary Wagyu beef operation, Pardoo Beef produces purebred Wagyu beef in the Pilbara region for export to niche Asian markets. Due to seasonal rain, Pardoo Beef rely on groundwater to supply an extensive pivot irrigation system to create and support perennial pasture. Stage 3 of this irrigation system was implemented in August 2018 and covers a footprint of 280 hectares.

Sustainability conducted the Compliance Assessment Audit of Stage 3 of the project in alignment with the Environmental Protection Authority approved Pardoo Beef Compliance Action Plan (CAP).

Sustainability have a number of Exemplar Global (formally RABSQA) certified Auditors who are tertiary qualified and experienced Environmental professionals with numerous compliance audits conducted against Ministerial Statements throughout Western Australia.