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In February 2021, Sustainability Pty Ltd (Sustainability) was awarded a 12-month Safety Leadership contract by Kamoto Copper Company (KCC) to deliver an in-field and classroom coaching program at the Kamoto mine located in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

KCC’s flagship Copper and Cobalt mine produced 294,600 tonnes of Copper and Cobalt product in 2020 making it Glencore’s highest producing asset in their Copper division.

Sustainability’s safety leadership program kicked-off with safety baselining of a core group of operational managers. Once a baseline was established, the coaching program team presented findings to KCC leadership.

The findings were reviewed by KCC leadership who aligned to the results with a baseline accuracy of 96.3%. By week five, Sustainability had achieved the first milestone of completing the baseline coaching assessment and gained sign-off by the client to proceed to the next stage.

This initial data allowed the Sustainability coaching team to develop a tailored approach to each individual KCC Manager. By tailoring the coaching delivery, any identified gaps in an individual’s safety performance are corrected more efficiently, allowing the team to coach a higher number of Managers in less time than a more conventional ‘prescribed’ coaching approach.

“The results have been very encouraging, to see the changes in-field within such a short period has certainly underpinned the value of the approach. We really enjoy this hands-on support to local leaders” said Keith Counihan, Sustainability Project Lead.

As the in-field sessions are completed, all information is reported via a coaching matrix where each Manager’s progress is tracked. Managers are given feedback in real time which allows them to work on corrective actions, while real time reporting is provided to the KCC Senior Management team.

Phase 2 commences July 2021 and includes the rollout of both in-field coaching and classroom work for KCC Superintendents.