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On the tail end of our three-year contract with Oyu Tolgoi (OT), Sustainability East Asia (Sustainability) is happy to report that there were zero injuries and zero lost time injuries for all three years of the contract from 2020 to 2022. Sustainability is very proud of this outcome, and the continuation of our ZERO-harm record from 2015 to 2019 while managing the Core Biodiversity Monitoring (CBM) programs.

Sustainability’s role providing project management of the CBM and offset programs includes a strong focus on ensuring all organizations undergo OT Inductions and follow all required HSE policies and procedures.
Health and safety is a critical part of CBM programs as there are several high-risk activities, for example khulan and gazelle capture and collaring. The ability to achieve this safety record is thanks to the cooperation and diligence of the monitoring organizations in applying safe work practices for all fieldwork.

Thank you to the Wildlife Conservation Society, Professional Biological Society of Mongolia, Wildlife Science and Conservation Center, and the Good Growth Company for your safe work practices on these important monitoring programs.

A group of khulan grazing along the Mongolia-China border. Photo: B. Buuveibaatar (WCS, 2022)
Collared khulan mare reunited with her foal after capture. Photo: P. Kaczensky (2022)
WSCC research team capture and mark an adult Short-toed Snake Eagle (2022)
PBSM research team conducting Priority Plant survey at OT mine site (August 2022)