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Our Indonesia team is off to an exciting start in 2024!

We are super excited to introduce four of our newest team members working with our clients in Indonesia:

Rachimuddin (Achi)
Danie Fikalana (Danie)
Fahwanto Wahyu Putra Pratama (Wahyu)
Abdurahman Muhtadin Tabrani (Ade)

In just one month, this hard-working group of risk management professionals have conducted over 100 in-the-field leadership coaching sessions from Executive Management to frontline supervision & work crews.

Their focus is not only to help our clients improve leadership skills, but also increase their obsession to manage critical risks in the workplace. Building on the success of our coaching programs in Africa, our coaches are working to embed leadership behaviours throughout the organization hierarchy while increasing applied knowledge of fatal hazard and critical risk controls.

Our team guides Sustainable safety management through walking, not just talking.

Led by our new Asia Operations Manager Andy Hall, this hard-working team has taken a healthy workplace culture to heart as well, using their off time to keep healthy and fit with morning runs together.

Well done team, keep up the good work and keep making a positive change!

Andy, Ade and Wahyu on morning run