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Sustainability East Asia LLC (SEA) is now into the second year of the three-year contract awarded in 2020. Through our continued partnership with the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) and excellent working relationship with Oyu Tolgoi, the Core Biodiversity Monitoring (CBM) program continues to deliver important monitoring results.

The program is aimed at verifying Oyu Tolgoi’s biodiversity management initiatives and providing data that supports the Project’s aim of achieving a net positive impact on biodiversity, of importance for Oyu Tolgoi lender commitments.

While COVID travel restrictions presented many difficulties in 2020 (and continue into 2021), through collaboration and perseverance as a team, the program has continued to implement the necessary monitoring.

SEA is proud to continue our 8-year continuous partnership with WCS (and relevant NGO’s and academics) in monitoring the unique biodiversity of the Gobi such as Khulan (Asiatic wild ass) and black tailed (goitered) gazelle – both species of significant conservation significance and with cultural value to Mongolia.

Within the core-biodiversity monitoring program khulan population size and movement patterns are being monitored