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Sustainability is immensely proud of our team currently supporting Yara Pilbara with their Turnaround 2023. Yara Pilbara is a leading downstream processor on the Burrup Peninsula. Their plants create ammonia for fertilisers to help feed the world and essential products for the Australian mining industry. Yara Pilbara have two facilities, using natural gas as the key input, located in an approved strategic industrial estate established by the Australian and Western Australian governments.
The Yara Pilbara Fertilisers plant is one of the largest ammonia production sites in the world and exports ammonia to domestic and global markets from the nearby port of Dampier.
Sustainability has been providing safety support onsite with Yara Pilbara since early June 2023. The Sustainability team, made up of seven WHS Advisors, have been deployed to support the Yara HESQ team as infield coaches, working with numerous stakeholders to ensure a safe and successful turnaround can be achieved.