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As part of Sustainability’s work with the Oyu Tolgoi project in Mongolia, biological monitoring is undertaken as part of the project’s Core biodiversity monitoring program.

One aspect of the program is the tracking of the endangered Khulan (Mongolian Wild Ass, Equus Hemionus) where the monitoring involves tracking the animals by four-wheel drive in the Gobi Desert, tranquilising them, attaching a monitoring collar and undertaking an inspection.

This project had a number of critical and potentially fatal safety risks, including:

  • the risk of roll over
  • the risk of the tranquiliser being injected into a human
  • the risks associated with working remotely
  • the risks associated with mobilising to a remote site
  • the risks to both humans and animals associated with handling wild animals
  • the risks associated with personnel not being fit for work

Sustainability was able to successfully manage all risks associated with the project through good planning and developing safe work practices.

If you need assistance with any safety or environmental requirements, contact Sustainability.