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Sustainability’s intern and New Colombo Plan (NCP) Scholar, Daniel Hay-Hendry has been utilising his spare time in an adventurous and extreme fashion by climbing Japan’s Mount Fuji.

At a staggering 12,389 ft, Mt Fuji is an active stratovolcano, the 2nd highest island peak in Asia and the 7th-highest peak of an island in the world.

Daniel climbed Mt Fuji in approximately 8 hours, although thanks to a Typhoon his decent was significantly faster at approximately 2.5 hours. Fortunately, Daniel was able to capture what can only be described as a stunning, awe inspiring view from the peak of Mt Fuji.

Well done to Daniel, who is proudly supported by Sustainability.

If you have not already read about Daniel’s Mongolian internship adventure, please read the previously published article.

Colin Davies – Senior Advisor, Environment

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